Thesis Progress

I have four things I am focusing on.

\ 1. an event or experience (design for delight)
\ 2. a product (Future product Design)
\ 3. a screen dedicated project (designing for screens)
\ 4. a service (service entrepreneurship)

I settled for my goal of the thesis to be divulging how people move through Navigation and Wayfinding. I found the "design" moment to be the relationship between movement and direction. So it sparked a few ideas and interests.

Movement > Design < Direction & Movement = Time + Location

The opportunities became greater as I narrowed the field of movement. (obvious realization) But more so I am constantly intrigued how we use movement to locate or find “place.” I see a few really great opportunities to push the concept of wayfinding and navigation further.

My goal is to unify these four things to become compliments from one another. It's tricky, to say the least, but let me walk you through my ideas.

\ 1

- an event or experience (design for delight). I found a few articles on navigation though senses which helped me craft a few ideas around an event I can create for my thesis.

These articles talk about different ways birds, esp. Pigeons navigation though their olfactory sense.

Which made me think of all the streets I avoid because they stink or all the streets I am eager to walk down. I even remembered the times of day Edmond smelled like dog food because of the Purina plant in the city and all the times Abq smelled like cereal because General Mills had a plant there as well. All of these experiences bring back very specific thought surrounds place / my location, what I was doing, what I would do again and what I would rather never experience again. I think about smell a lot, especially when I walk to school. I have different breathing patterns for different parts of the city. There is a sushi place that I always hold my breath while I pass. It always has a smell of gutted fish and Clorox, which is just yuck! I will go the length of crossing the street to get away from it. But there are other smells that I am eager to pass. The flower district, there is an incense guy I enjoy walking past and a few coffee shops. There is lots of little smells; elevators, hallways, store fronts, humans passing, subway cars, subway people, exhaust from buses is especially sour to me — I am sure you get what I am throwing down. They all marks of a particular place and time. We navigate though understanding please and time plus the added outcome of the objective.

After telling a bit of this to Allan, he wanted me to look up orientation.

noun: orientation — the determination of the relative position of something or someone (especially oneself) or one's position in relation to true north, to points on the compass, or to a specific place or object.Spatial cognition

\ 2

- a product (Future product Design). Over the last three weeks, we were asked to craft two stories. One for a utopian future and one for a dystopian future. I chose to the dystopian, future where the world is in an apocalyptic state is 2070, and the world lacks resources to stay in one place, like we do now. Our societies begin to migrate for different aspects of food, water, shelter, etc. thus creating land migration paths, which need to be marked by various groups or tribes which are developed over time. So I created a series of markers / stakes which could be placed along paths to indicate / help navigate people to specific areas. I would consider them primitive wayfinding tools adjustable to different circumstances. This first pass at navigation tools led me to think about creating a series of different navigation tools for navigation. These tools could be traditional or non-traditional products. Currently, I am coming up with different ideas that I will be pitching next week.

Since I wanted the product to be a series I found a few projects I really admire. A series of products in the same family has really interested me for some time now. I have yet to do a product series of any sort.

\ 3

- a screen dedicated project (designing for screens). I had a one on one with Allan yesterday to have him catch up on my thesis and help brainstorm ideas for my thesis. He seems to really like where I am headed with navigation and wayfinding, but he has asked me to continue to develop my apps from last semester. He is interested in both Floc and Blip, esp. Blip, although I think he sees the idea differently than I do, so it’s a bit hard to get a true feel for what his idea of the app might be. He was intrigued by the dissection of daily information though the powers of ten. But where I think we diverge is what information is extrapolated. I believe he thinks that the app pulls apart circumstances. Like “grad school” or air travel. He thinks it is more of a look at the powers of ten in an event or decision. Where I initially looked at fed data. For example, take Facebook, where you can find every range of information that might be of interest. So you have international: news, stories, and friends, national: news, stories, friends, a section of the nation (Midwest): “” state: “”  city: “” community: “”, work: “”, friends: “”, and family “”. But Facebook does not breakdown the relationships you might have to those pieces of information. Recently they have allowed you to star favorite profiles to see at the begging of your feed, but it has yet to illustrate the relevance between friends, national news, and global data, but Blip is a way to harness the connection and segregation of those elements of information. Blip lets see the scale of how information is relevant to us and others we know. So, I am unsure if this app should be more about circumstance being re-contextualized or information being broken down and grouped together.

I don’t know yet.

\ 4

- a service (service entrepreneurship) So I pitched Floc as my service last week (projects can overlap), and it bombed. It was just not awesome and wasn’t a simple service. Floc is the geolocation app that pulls data from that particular location to inform the user of what is around them at that moment or past moments in that specific location. I used an example of the a photographer searching for inspirational place around that specific area. The instructor wants something simple, maybe even less technological. I need to develop a new idea, ideally focused on navigation. Maybe these senses could come into play. Maybe an app or device to record all the sounds and smells an individual commute. A map of sorts.