Layers of movement

I had a few thoughts centering around Layers. I began to think about what it takes to develop a brand, an experience, an object, things that we use everyday. In so many obvious ways, we are layers and for it design is a function of finding the right layers to develop product or design interventions. Many times we find design to be a strong hold for benefiting a certain audience, but when does those layers or pieces of history create a new product. I am sure you have heard the rule of 3. Like Google, Apple and other companies. It takes the 3rd round of something to develop it for the right people or reasons. Layers are the reason we are able to find an audience or a voice. Layering is a way to create experiences or learn from our past. It takes significant moments in your life to create a single layer. They are the point of memories or structures in our cities systems. We are scared by layered experiences and at the same time, we are pushed to move forward by these layers. 


There is something intriguing about how Layers take hold or capitalize on life. They are the reason we stay in the same town for our entire lives or why we don't. There are apart of our decisions and values. They permeateseconds, moments or decades of our lives. 


What is the compelling value design offers or exposes about these layers.