Design a post card for an event

Dear Evelyn, 

I think I found a perfect event for you! Bzzz is a workshop that allows you  to further connect to others moving around you, but lots of short movements. This workshop helps you interpret and digest how you feel and how you relate to other's moving around you. It's great to feel in personal flow and flow with others. This workshop will allow you to reflect and grow individually. I hope you can make it next month. 





Create and connect, not through a workshop, but by another means. Like making food or other outlets. Great it back to sport or community. Have them come together or move apart to represent the individual interpretation of the movements but, also creating instances of togetherness and unification. How can they practice apart and then come together? Viral video or choreography? Learning more about movement and instinct? to create a beautiful experience? 

Ideally this movement creates moments that celebrate or make apparent the differences or similarities of individuals move movements. This moment is crucial. 


Look up choreography? or etc.