January 12

Thoughts on thesis over the break. 

I spent a little bit of time at home in New Mexico over the holiday break. For me New Mexico is where it all started and where my design roots draw true inspiration from. I grew up in the southwest, living between Arizona and New Mexico till I graduated high school. I think of New Mexico as the place where the sky and the land meet to create one composition. This is a place where the world surrounds you and pushes you to think about all the things you live amongst. Although, there are lots of other beautiful places all over the world this is a place that creates an appreciation and eye for the simple way life surrounds you. This is also a place where you can feel the world move all the time. It has afforded me the opportunity to pay attention to the details life is crafted by. From this I would pay attention to these things, whether they are creatures, technology, aircraft, cars, birds or simply the way the wind blows the trees. There is nothing more designed then our environment. We can places an emphasis in technology and advancement of our societies. We can push the limits of human cognition and new ways to keep us alive for hundreds of years, but the world will move at it's own pace. It is a causal force for enjoying the brackets we are placed in to be "alive".

I have always been compelled by motion and all the things that move around us and make us move around them. It’s fascinating what forces create the world we live in, the things we react to and the events that shape us. From watching jets stream by to playing sports, I take inspiration from both nature and the man-made world. They compliment one another and couldn't exist without each other and fascinated they are both completely designed. They are created structures in our lives, pulling us to find a voice inside of humanity and pushes us to create new worlds to survive and thrive inside. They are perfect compliments to the forces around our lives. Both the designed world and the natural world complete us and the inspired actions we take inside of our existence. 

My thesis aims to further understand inquiries and interest in motion and design through the lens of the Products of Design program. 

Here is the presentation from last semester: