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Parallel Times, SVA POD

Parallel Times: SVA POD Exhibit at Industry City, 2016. TEMPO,  A new kind of metronome. My thesis explores the relationship between movement and design, and seeks to imbue traditional products and graphics with the essence of movement. Tempo is a smart metronome that pairs with smartphones in order to track, record and physicalize the nature of users’ movements. While users go about their daily lives, Tempo analyzes the rhythm of their movement and abstracts it. When users interact with the device, their life tempo gets played back to them, granting a novel data visualization of the pace of their life and connecting them back to their daily movements.

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I'd like to invite you to my SVA MFA Products of Design Thesis Presentation, which will be held on Friday, May 6th, from 1-6pm. It will be an amazing day of design, innovation, and wonder. Here's a page with more info along with an Eventbrite rsvp link:


Learn more on the department's blog:


I'd like to formally invite you to this year's SVA MFA Products of Design Thesis Presentations, which will be held on Friday, May 6th, from 1-6pm. It will be an amazing day of design, innovation, and wonder. Here's a page with more info along with an Eventbrite rsvp link:

To give you some idea of what the day will be like, you can see all 15 presentation links for last year's thesis presentations here (starting midway down the page):

FLINT ° Gallery Installation

FLINT ° is an innovative fire piston that intends to ignite a relationship with the outdoors created as a SVA MFA project for Product and Branding class. Our awesome team: Jonathan Lung, Chelsea Stewart and Ziyun Qi built a installation for the #PRODUCTING gallery show. You can see more about the work here and on the SVA PoD blog.  This instillation was prompted for the Products of Design job fair on February 26th. After a lot of long nights and lots of help from our PoD friends we finally got it up on the wall! Thank you to everyone who helped us and a huge thank you to Jon for turning scribbles into something real. Scroll below for lots of process shots. 

The last week of Fall 2015 SVA PoD.

Our finals were tough, but we hung in there. Now on to our last semester of grad school! Here is a few shots before the break.

Thanks to Qi and Jon for partnering with me on this project. More details to follow soon. Flint prototype thanks to Jonathan Lung:

Cache - Oct 16 - 2015

Cache - Oct 9 - 2015

I arrived back to grad school and NYC last month. I have been out exploring the city again before it turns cold and the seriousness of thesis sets in.


Thank you Nike GBD Running!

Most believe an internship is something that a student gains more experience and connections through. Connections and experience are great, don't get me wrong, but Nike design has a bigger purpose. Nike is about building a stronger relationship with sport, *athletes, and a devotion to making the best products possible. I found my time at Nike to change the type of designer I will become. I had the privilege to work for Nike's Global Brand Design Department, Running. A great team of very strong creatives producing unparalleled work. I learned more in my first month than a year in my studies. I dove head first into a part of design I find very compelling, collaborative and constantly evolving. So I must just say:

Cody, David, Esther, Denise, Thad, Kat, Dom, Mark, Josh & Peter THANK YOU for an incredible summer filled with many types of adventures and experiences. I am sure there is more yet to come.

I will continue to post pictures & etc. of my experience with Nike and my time in the Northwest this summer, but it might take me a little bit seeing as I took over 35,000 Images, but here is one to start. Me doing a A half-volley return during the women's world cup event at Nike.




Workshop created for Point of View class by Rob Walker for SVA PoD, 2015

Engender | Design Week | May 15-18

A big thanks to Fast Co. for highlighting the work SVA Products of Design '16 did for NY Design week. Congratulations to all of my fellow classmates, Sinclair Smith, and Allan Chochinov. You can find the article here: