Cab - 01 - Times Square to 11th ave / 26th street

I don't try to take cabs too often. Mostly because I don't feel I truly experience the city in the back of yellow Prius or Camry, but also because it the costs just add up. I find at the end of cold or rainy week, I'll have easily spent $80.00 just getting to and from school. Never the less, the one thing I most enjoy is talking to some of the cab drivers. A lot of the drivers I meet have interesting stories and a completely different perspective on life in the US. So, at times it's humbling to talk to someone and get a small sense of their lives. I would like to begin to document my cab rides here. The media might be a simple photo or a short story, but they should center around the drivers who New Yorkers rely on to get from place to place. I don't yet consider myself a New Yorker, but I do consider myself lucky when I can get in a warm cab on a cold or rainy day.

Tonight our Cab Driver Ahmed took us from Times Square down to our place on 11th and 26th. Ahmed moved here two years ago in hopes of moving his family to New York. For now his wife and two kids are back home in Cairo. He's been driving a cab for the last seven month, trying to work full time and get a degree in finance from BMCC. Before moving he was working for a finance firm back home and he finds driving a cab a social hardship. He was well respected in Egypt and he's goal is to acquire an "adequate job" here in the United States.