The Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany

I took part in a invitational workshop over the summer at the Bauhaus in Dessau Germany. Dessau is one of three locations which where home to the famous design school.

Here are a few photos of my visit. 

Bau 31_Snapseed.jpg
Bau 20_Snapseed.jpg
Bau 13_Snapseed.jpg
Bau 8_Snapseed.jpg
bau 9_Snapseed.jpg
Bau 40_Snapseed.jpg
Bau 7_Snapseed.jpg
Bau 4_Snapseed.jpg
Bau 15_Snapseed.jpg
Bau 10_Snapseed.jpg
bau 24_Snapseed.jpg
Chelsea Stewart