Design the Life you love.

Twelve is a project conceived around deconstructing and reconstructing my personal life in a physical form. This form took shape inside twelve uniquely constructed material blocks. In the shapes of squares, trapezoids, rectangles, and para-rectangles (elongated double sided trapezoids) and more.

Ayse was a great instructor as we explored what roles we desire or wish to embody in the future of our practice. We began with a to-do list’s then came a metaphor, next a Venn and concept with a 3D idea. My metaphor was a martini with the “shaken not stirred” tagline. Meaning I might have all the ingredients in my life to be successful, but it takes the right finessing to make my life what I want it to me. Another metaphor was a black tie, indicating 007 with a tagline saying it might take 50 years, but it just takes once to get it right. This implies perfection and persistence throughout my experiences.

Next I was able to create a concept / language surrounding interchangeable shapes and patterns to describe my life as a vessel for personal principles. These rather at shapes became the platform for creating and constructing new layouts and principals for the future twelve.

The future twelve were compiled from a future desire to craft my life as
a means for future discovery. The twelve ideas are re-framing, courage, guidance, companionship, perseverance, intrigue, teamwork, adaptability, humor, speculation, passion, and competitiveness. These are symbolic of Chelsea’s future professional and personal drive to become a better person and practitioner. These constructs can become a foundation for betterment and hard work.

Chelsea Stewart