Thank you Nike GBD Running!

Most believe an internship is something that a student gains more experience and connections through. Connections and experience are great, don't get me wrong, but Nike design has a bigger purpose. Nike is about building a stronger relationship with sport, *athletes, and a devotion to making the best products possible. I found my time at Nike to change the type of designer I will become. I had the privilege to work for Nike's Global Brand Design Department, Running. A great team of very strong creatives producing unparalleled work. I learned more in my first month than a year in my studies. I dove head first into a part of design I find very compelling, collaborative and constantly evolving. So I must just say:

Cody, David, Esther, Denise, Thad, Kat, Dom, Mark, Josh & Peter THANK YOU for an incredible summer filled with many types of adventures and experiences. I am sure there is more yet to come.

I will continue to post pictures & etc. of my experience with Nike and my time in the Northwest this summer, but it might take me a little bit seeing as I took over 35,000 Images, but here is one to start. Me doing a A half-volley return during the women's world cup event at Nike.



Chelsea StewartNike, SU15